Reflections on the teachings of Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche - Huesca, 2 & 3 Feb. 2013

It´s been several days since we listened to Rimpoche speak in Huesca and I am still digesting and integrating what he said. Which I guess is good and relates to the main concepts  he presented. 
He is young, but he shared wisdom and insights beyond his years.
He spoke with such honesty and clarity, it really resonated inside my heart.
Thank you very much, Kalu Rimpoche.

"We know so much but have understood nothing. It is the quality of the practice we need to bring,
not the technique or actual practice."

This to me speaks of our tendency towards intellectualizing instead of feeling and internalizing through regular  spiritual practice. We have access to so much information these days but do we really understand?

"Don´t consume Dharma. We collect and consume in spiritual life, the same as in our regular lives and don´t recognize the right meaning of the teachings and the need for respect and devotion.
Devotion is already in our heart...we just need to recognize it and express it. 
But devotion is not to be confused with attachment. It is an opening of the heart to self-awareness."

Spiritual materialism. We collect teachings, teachers, empowerments, initiations, sadhanas, mantras, asanas...what purpose does this all serve if "we have understood nothing"? True quality is not made up of quantity. And from the cultivation of respect and detached devotion springs forth a garden of love that flourishes in one's heart, leaving no space for ego...our biggest obstacle in spiritual awakening. The more we learn, the more we see we know nothing, so why crave more when less is sufficient? 

"Accept the impermanence of everything...problems included and together with meditation, brings stability to the mind. Seeing the suffering with distance, love and compassion is the way."

Everything is constantly changing, moving, living...within the movement however lies the ultimate stillness. Here we find perspective, to be in peace and love.

fotos: Joaquin