What is Real Love

Image: Unconditional Love, Maria Ng

Love has been philosophized about and analyzed since the beginning of humankind and I am not sure it's that much more clearer now looking at how things are in general, today. Maybe because of its immensity and profound nature, words and understanding are difficult to find. I believe however, that we just need to simply remember.
Here with a little help from some great masters, are a few reflections.

 Real love does not judge. For how can one look outward and pass judgments when It knows we are all part of the great oneness of All that is.

Real love does not think it is better than. It knows that the more you learn and come to understand, the more you realize how much you still don´t know.

Real love knows we are not in control. It knows that the sooner we stop struggling and just fall into Love, the easier and more profound existence will be.

Real love does not hold grudges. Because its bitter flavour just keeps returning endlessly to be tasted again and again. Better to taste the sublime sweetness of Love forever.

Real love knows that nothing is expected in return because Loving is all that matters 
and It is all we need.

Real love knows it is limitless...the more you give, the more you have to give.

Real love will only accept real Love in return. It see things as they really are. Illusory veils of hipocracy, envy, anger and manipulation are cast away.

And finally, 
Real love is infinite. It knows it is ever expanding and it´s warmth is never-ending
thus feeling simple, pure, freedom and bliss.