SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon in Pisces + EQUINOX March 20th 2015

I had a dream that I was flying last night...its been a long while since I have had one. Its also been a while since my last post and in general my rhythm has been quite slow and internal as of late.. maybe it is the energy of 
today´s celestial movements.

When I was young, I dreamt I was flying, often, and had recurring flight dreams over familiar terrain.
Such exhilaration, these dreams...thank you, I feel blessed.

And I am feeling the magic of Quan Yin so here is something lovely I found...

“Kwan Yin’s themes are children, kindness, magic, health and fertility.  Her symbols are a lotus, black tea, rice and rainbows.  Kwan Yin is the most beloved of all Eastern Goddess figures, giving freely Her unending sympathy, fertility, health and magical insight to all who ask. It is Her sacred duty to relieve suffering and encourage enlightenment among humans. In Eastern mythology, a rainbow bore Kwan Yin to heaven in human form. Her name means ‘regarder of sounds’, meaning She hears the cries and prayers of the world.
If you hope to have children or wish to invoke Kwan Yin’s blessing and protection on the young ones in your life, you can follow Eastern custom and leave an offering for Kwan Yin of sweet cakes, lotus incense, fresh fruit and/or flowers. If you can’t find lotus incense, look for lotus-shaped soaps at novelty or import shops.
For literal or figurative fertility, try making this Kwan Yin talisman: During a waxing-to-full moon, take a pinch of black tea and a pinch of rice and put them in a yellow cloth, saying:
 ‘As a little tea makes a full cup
so may my life be full
As the rice expands in warm waterso may my heart expand with love and warmthThe fertility of Kwan Yin, wrapped neatly within.’

Tie this up and keep it in a spot that corresponds to the type of fertility you want (such as the bedroom for physical fertility).”
(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)