Harvest Moon and Autumn Equinox

A time of embracing the fruits of one's efforts
and also of letting go...

Winter is an etching...
Spring is a watercolour...
an oil painting is Summer
and Autumn is a mosaic of all of these.

Don't fear autumn if it has come
although the flower falls,
the branch is still there
the branch stays to make the nest.

Autumn is a melancholic and gracious walker
that prepares admirably the solemn adagio of winter.
Autumn is a second spring in which each leaf is a flower.

There is a harmony in Autumn and a brilliance in it´s sky,
that during summer is not heard or seen,
as if it could not be, could not have been!

It's not as a setting sun,
it´s that the rain is night: autumn in the window
autumn is of the heart
and there it stays forever.

Flowers in Spring
the moon in Autumn,
a fresh breeze in Summer,
snow in Winter.

If your mind is not occupied by unnecessary things,
this season is the best of your life.
Autumn is of the heart
and there it stays forever.