Peace and love to all in 2012

December 28, 2011

Many people have expressed anxiety about disasters that might befall
the world in the year 2012. In fact, we never know what any given year
might hold. But if we are sincerely committed to following a path of
compassion and wisdom, this uncertainty about the future need not
cause us any concern. Whatever happens, we simply keep our focus
directed steadily at what matters most—cultivating compassion and
equanimity, and acting to benefit others. If we harbor this attitude
in our hearts, we can make anything that occurs positive for ourselves
and for others.
The year 2011 itself brought many unanticipated challenges—to our
natural environment and to many human communities. My heartfelt
prayers go to all those who suffered in the turmoil of this year.
I wish especially to offer my prayers to all those who connected with
me in any way during this year, as well as to all who will connect in
the future. May you find lasting happiness and true peace. May all of
us who share this planet go forward together into the new year in
harmony. May we live this year with mutual love and respect for one
another and for the earth that is our common home.